One never knows what one will encounter going down our country one mile drive way. There had been a very noisy pack of coyotes since deer season had come and gone.

Natureman had mentioned spotting a recently killed  deer viewable on the nearby hillside which may have explained Balto’s recent interest away from the house. It didn’t surprise me to then see a frozen deer pelt laying on the drive. But before my return  to toss it aside it was gone. Mmm. Somebody must have wanted it.

Then a couple of days passed and what was left of that deer had been dragged  onto that very same spot on the road. I drove around it but knew it needed it would need to be pulled off roadside. I’d say it had been picked to the bone, wouldn’t you?


Wait, you didn’t think I was going to pull it off with my good gloves on, did you? It was a job for Natureman, the one with the work gloves!


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