Do you know what you get when you go to bed too early on a Sunday night?

A ‘really’ long Monday…


The only saving grace might be a late afternoon nap as I have been up since the wee hours of the morn…

Positives of getting up early are getting stuff done.  Mail was answered,  2 jigsaw puzzles were completed ( I was a day behind), did some reading, made lunches due to a long hospital day with Infusion # 4, fed the dog, wrote this post and probably will finish folding yesterday’s laundry…

Natureman will sleep his customary 9 hours, have his breakfast before chores. Then we’ll need to leave the house a bit earlier than usual to drop Balto off at doggie daycare before heading to the Y for our LiveStrong class.

Yeah, ‘might  need to tone the workout down a bit so I don’t end up flat on my face…


I’m really looking  forward to that nap…

Have a great week folks.

* Credit and thanks for internet stock images. Ha, if you thought I was doing a       selfie today!




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