I don’t know about your Mom but my Mom used to say if someone grows facial hair intentionally, they’re hiding something. Hmm…

As you may remember Natureman started growing a beard while in the hospital after his operation. Being on blood thinner and shaving weren’t exactly a good combo and if truth be told it was a good excuse as ever not to shave and so began his full beard.

It was my first time to see Naturemam with facial hair except maybe a little shadow. Some family members  nicknamed Santa Zayde while others commented he looked just like the guy in Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye (Zero Mostel). Since  Yefet, his brother-in-law had given him a black beret which he wore all the time, he really did share a resemblance to Tevye. People complimented him a lot. I wasn’t so keen.

I guess the growth was starting to bother him and he offhandedly mentioned about possibly getting rid of it. I must admit I didn’t protest.  Well, as of Sunday Tevye has left the house and my younger looking Natureman with a clean shaven face has returned.

I love seeing that shayna punim  (pretty face) again…



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