Let me preface the following decision with the fact neither Natureman nor myself are tech savvy and I feel I’ve been left out in the cold…

I just received a reminder from WordPress that in March I’m approaching a one year anniversary with 200 + postings. Yahoo. BUT since I haven’t ever mastered their customizing and my frustration level has peaked, I’ve decided to save my money and spend more time writing and taking photos than figuring out their spacing.

So dear readers here’s a heads up – I will be returning to Blogspot in March where there is no charge and the learning curve is less demanding without a fee. I think my space is still there but I will double check and pass on my address as the time nears…

Meanwhile here’s a pic of our Monday am. even the barn looks cold blanketed in a weekend new 8 ” of snow.

Have a good week!



  1. Will follow you anywhere. WP is unnecessarily difficult. I’ve heard if you use the wordpress app or “for windows” it’s a bit better, but really, why? Glad you are not giving it up!


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