We had to postpone our Milwaukee Rep jaunt last weekend as ‘The Cold’ had hit our household and it was really just the first day of this plague for Natureman. It actually ended up being a perfect day to just lay low. Followed by a week full of meetings in addition to attending LiveStrong AND his day trip to Madison for Water issues, I realized he’s just going to do what he wants so I didn’t change the Rep tickets again.

Yesterday, Sunday, was also a gorgeous 50 degree day ideal for travel not something we can boast too often during a Wisconsin winter …

The play Legend of Georgia McBride is about ‘gender bending’ and was just the right medicine with a perfect blend of humor, music, sequins and good  thematic matter and theater.

The storyline centers around Casey, a young newlywed soon to be father. His income as a failing Elvis impersonator is not paying the bills nor keeping the bar afloat. He  finds himself soon to be unemployed unless he takes on the role of a female impersonator whom he names Georgia McBride in the attempt to spark new business with a drag show in this seedy little Florida Panhandle bar. Casey decides to keep this job change a secret from his pregnant wife… You know that will not fare him well.

Besides watching how Georgie McBride alias Casey embraces his new persona with some lessons in self discovery re:gender bending while enlightening us the audience re: drag and LGBTQ history. There were a lot of good one liners with my favorite delivered by one of the drag queens Anorexia ‘Rexy’ Nervosa’  “Drag ain’t a night job. Drag is a protest. Drag is a raised fist inside a sequined glove.” Loved it.

Treat yourself and see it when it plays near you as it only has one week left in Milwaukee (until Feb 9th).


photo credit: Michael Brosilow  (You know we can’t take photos…)


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