It was inevitable and just a matter of time until one of these would come home with one of us. They were in our friends’s homes/ their friends’s homes. They are all around us and they were like bad visitors who overstay their welcome. You know the kind when they’re almost out the door, they linger on and even become more boisterous. And since you’ve got stuff to do it would have been oodles better if they didn’t even stop by at all…

Yesterday was the day as Natureman returned home headachy and awoke after a doze with more complaints, a sore throat and some congestion. The End of the Rainbow Valley got the unwanted guest. That full fledged first seasonal cold. My job was clear to try to make sure it runs its course as quickly as possible and doesn’t turn into anything more… You know I’m going to need the patient’s help on this one.


Needed: Fluids. Rest. Translated ‘No wood hauling.’ and a little isolation trying to avoid more germs and others for these first couple of days.

We were supposed to head in to Milwaukee for the Rep and en route stop in Madison for brunch with the newlyweds. Unfortunately, both events had to be cancelled on our end. Even if there was some relief in sight, I knew it would just be temporary…

We did use the day to lay low and since Balto had a free day of doggie day care I dropped him off as he could use the exercise and socialization. (The barn cats although playful aren’t quite as exhausting) He came home wiped. Snarfed dinner and fell asleep at the food bowl. We were almost as bad but made it until 9 ish.

In this area this cold has tended to be long lasting and can turn into pneumonia. Fingers crossed we can avoid that… And it interfering with his chemo/ infusion schedule.

You’ll be needed as reinforcements to help remind this guy that maybe heading to Madison on Thursday re: Water issues can be handled by others… Thanks.

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