Not many folks have experienced what we did back in December. In the middle of the night two culprits were planning a joy ride and not in one of our cars… The sound of the tractor engine trying to be started and roll over didn’t miss this mother’s hearing…

After grabbing my coat and gloves and flipping on the house lights. The giggling coming from our tractor’s parking place was all too familiar…

If the two had payed attention they would have known ” The Tractor”as she is so cleverly called by Natureman does not start on the first try. They had borrowed a box from the garage to be able to reach the steering wheel and had a rock on the gas pedal but if you can’t shift the gears, you are not going far…


And Harry and Larry outside without coats, gloves and scarves. I sure am glad this holiday only lasts a week!

Not a very good track/tractor record.

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