I don’t know about you but there’s only so much time one can sit at a puzzle table during the long, dreary, dark winter days.

Sometimes inspiration comes from an unplanned TJ Maxx purchase of an on sale lovely pewter grey 10 ft roll of shelf liner.

Honestly the shelving surrounding the double oven was long overdue for an inventory and organization. Shelf lining would be a good addition and incentive.

Besides haven’t you ever found yourself daily fighting with a container of whatever to remove it from its shelf? For me it was the large peanut butter container for Balto’s kong. Placed on a shelf with low clearance and too high for me for a comfortable reach.

*An aside: the kong is placed in the freezer with peanut butter inside it. We give hime the treat when we leave and it keeps him busy for a while…

Anyhoo, we had a day at home and the roll of shelf liner. It didn’t take as long as I thought and I am so pleased for the different arrangement of what goes where on each shelf.

Now, the other side awaits to be tackled.

Who says spring cleaning can only take place in spring?

One thought on “WINTER HO HUMS

  1. Right – winter cleaning is much better than spring. My husband wants me to start another jigsaw puzzle. We have done several already in the last 2 months. Arrrrggg! lol


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