Balto, our rescue dog, has always been friendly with human visitors to the End of the Rainbow Valley and if anything you’ll be licked to death vs attacked. He’s loosened up a bit regarding other 2/4 legged residents. His attitude has been pretty much laissez faire, live and let live, almost a bit too uninterested. His prime attraction is definitely the two legged ones vs other furry creatures.

When we adopted him we thought we were getting a good watch dog with 85 pounds to back him up. It took at least 8 months before he even barked to let us know someone was approaching. He does have a bark in addition to his singing howl/whimpering/talking. The bark at a recent snow plow’s arrival demonstrated increased volume and duration. It made me wonder if he was reprimanded in his former life for being too boisterous.

Anyhow let’s just say he’s opening up. I ‘ve found him interacting with the barn cats who have moved up on the front porch since the goats are on vacation. AND his interest must have been sparked after the gnome Tom T. ‘s visit and the Chanuka elves doings as one night I discovered the three of them just hoop n hollering it up.

Thank goodness, I interrupted their plans as chocolate coins are not good for dogs for sure and Balto has definitely helped himself to enough sweets the last month without these two egging him on!

*Last week’s FOTO FRIDAY explains that last statement…


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