I told you I wouldn’t indulge the elves’s antics all at once since I didn’t want the notoriety giving them more impetus to misbehave. They could get into mischief and have just as much fun. But here’s another story from the Thursday before the kids came over…

I had just finished tidying the guest bedroom and making up the bed for the Madison kids’s overnight when I remembered the tv remote needed to be returned to the bedside table. As I headed back in the room who do you think I caught jumping up and down on the bed?

Yep, Chanuka Harry and Larry had wasted no time, the nicely made bed was just too tempting.

They knew they were in trouble and high tailed it as fast as they could to hide behind the pillows, but they had been caught.

A fall off the bed and the doctor wouldn’t be able to put them back together again. No more elves jumping on the bed!

Those kids, I mean elves…

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