Some nights sleep eludes me but this was one time there was a special reason for my insomnia. I thought a clatter had awakened me. As I headed towards the living room, I heard a ruckus coming from the kitchen. I should have realized right away it wasn’t a visiting rodent because we did have other guests during this holiday season…

And the cries for HELP verified someone was inside one of the cabinets and was yelling and banging to be let out. Maybe one of the elves / gnome had needed a snack in the middle of the night and the door closed behind ’em.

Upon locating where the noise was coming from, I opened the cabinet door and lo and behold there hung a moving gift bag and NO, I didn’t think this was a Chanuka gift from Natureman.

Oh no, Harry and Larry had been at it again. There they sat laughing their little heads off at their latest prank. BUT it was not funny. They had ambushed Tom T. on his search for the gifted oreo cookies that Natureman and I had received to enjoy.

Harry and Larry were helping themselves to the lemon oreos as Tom T. hung there swinging above them. I scolded them as I loosened the bag’s ties and apologized profusely to Tom T. for my rude elves.

Red faced Tom T. was exasperated, grumbling that he had overstayed his welcome since we didn’t have a goat for him to care for anyway. I reassured them Harry and Larry would be gone by the end of the week but he had enough of their shenanigans… So after polishing off a cup of hot cocoa ( none for Harry and Larry) he readied himself for his journey as I packed up a goody bag of oreos, an orange and Chanuka gelt for his journey along with a note of wishes for his return next year and a Happy 2020. Tom T blew me a kiss and was out of sight before I could respond…

Now as far as those elves are concerned, I won’t be sharing any of their tales until TBT ( Throw Back Thursdays) They don’t deserve any more attention right now…

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