Last Friday night was our family night to celebrate Chanuka. We all received a very special homemade gift from daughter-in-law Jolene. She has had a very busy holiday month perfecting her cookie decorating and business baking for craft fairs and filling special orders.

BUT I think we were privy to her first batch ever of decorated Chanuka cookies and they were beautiful. I have no clue how one can have such a steady hand with icing. Even the dreidl ( top) came with two different combos of the 4 Hebrew letters of the acronym Nes Gadol Haya Sham ( A Great Miracle Happened There) on each of them. IMPRESSIVE.

These could be on your holiday table next year!

The cookies also had a sparking going of which the star in front caught in this lighting. Jolene said it’s a spray. How kewl is that?

Let me share her FaceBook page with you: Mommy’s Sweet Addictions.

If you hadn’t seen last week’s FOTO FRIDAY re: THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS an addendum needs to be added of dog Balto’s choice of extra servings. Last night while we were away his peanut butter kong must have not been enough as he helped himself to the tupperware container on the middle of the kitchen island within which were maybe 5 Chanuka cookies. The operative word ‘were’… I guess he needed dessert. His sweet tooth is something, in fact when he smiled I’m sure his smile sparkled…


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