You know I thought once Harry and Larry knew I could check in on them with the pet cam they would think twice about their mischief . Well, no such luck as son Simon discovered and can attest to a cat leaving the room being scanned so can Chanuka elves.

I have been a bit reluctant to journal Chanuka Harry and Larry’s activities for fear you’d judge me. You see sometimes you can prevent/deter certain elf shenanigans. Yet, when placing an aluminum foil covered dessert in the fridge it would be prudent to set something much heavier on top. I admit I am guilty of being negligent.

I forgot that the Pavlova, an Australian fruit meringue trifle layered with strawberries, blue berrries, kiwi, and raspberries between almond flavored real whipping cream would be way too difficult for Harry and Larry to resist.

Silly me… Here’s how the trifle looked before placing it in the fridge… I even drizzled raspberry sauce on top.

When I followed the giggling to the kitchen, lo and behold my surprise when I opened the fridge door to see the boys inside the trifle. They couldn’t move and I had to remove the bowl, elves and all to the counter to extract them…

They had eaten so much they couldn’t right themselves and what a sticky mess covered with whipped cream! AND the dent they made… Oy, I’d have to fess my negligence to the company. They would be still be enough but it was not so pretty.

Harry and Larry has made quite a dent!

Perhaps I could salvage it . Hmmm. I took a spatula and maneuvered the mass together. I’ll clean up the bowl a bit and move the mass to the center. I don’t think anyone will even see their footprints, do you?

Whew whipped cream is forgiving!

I hope you won’t reveal our little secret!

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