Well if you’ve still got Turkey Day leftovers in your fridge it just might be time to toss those babies out as they are probably growing some awfully funky mold by now. It’s difficult to explain expiration dates to Balto, our husky/shepherd house dog.

Waiting to be let in… No way

Lately Balto has been leaving the comfort of our home’s perimeter and venturing out into the woods which surround us here in the End of the Rainbow Valley. He must have caught a special scent on one of his 2 mile walks to the mailbox with Natureman.

Guess he has been returning to check it out as he brought home part of his find…

I wouldn’t open the door until he cooperated by dropping it. He hesitated, but obliged.

Oh my! This Thanksgiving leftover was not coming inside.

Sorry, Balto.

So does your pet bring you treasures too?

Share your stories… Heck, I know you have some good ones!

Last week’s FOTO FRIDAY was about being SOCKED. Here’s the link in case you missed it:


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