Oh no, there’s trouble in the End of the Rainbow Valley . I caught Chanuka Harry and Larry on the live cam hiding out in the herbs spying on a new guest.

It was obvious they were up to no good but would the Tomte hold his own with two against one.

Unsuspecting Tom T

Was this Scandinavian gnome aware of these 2 elves and the shenanigans of which they were capable ?

He spotted tham too late.

Boom! Down he went as the two had rigged a trap with my ear buds no less. I have a feeling they shouldn’t be laughing as they will be suffering for messing with this guy…


You see, Tomte translated ‘Homestead Man’ although Swedish in origin has a Norwegian counterpart Nisse derived from Nils. These gnomes live on farms choosing to take care of horses. They tend to be mischievous but can be mean spirited if mistreated. We could be in real trouble!

Let me digress a bit more as in time they would adopt a goat to help them deliver presents on Christmas. You know there are Santa’s helpers, right? Well in Scandinavia they are these gnomes. Santa can’t do it all alone in one night. Remember our coulee region had a large Norwegian settler population of which they left many descendants including the gnomes.

Anyhow, I went straight to the herb wash tub and untangled a very frustrated gnome whom I named Tom T on the spot. Made up some loose hot cream of wheat with butter. That’s what’s normally left out for the Tomtes. Gee, gimme a break, I never expected a gnome would visit our jewish hobby farm/homestead as Natureman calls it. You know Tom T must have been disappointed to find our goats missing too as they are still at our neighbors.

Chanuka Harry and Larry were nowhere to be found. But I don’t think we ‘ve heard the end of this yet even with a well fed Tom T…

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