We definitely began celebrating the holidays early being the receivers of so many kindnesses. Thank you to those of you who have visited, called, emailed, texted, sent cards, notes, packages/offered help. Some offers were taking up on with others put on a back burner for a later date.

So many have blessed us with kindnesses these last 6 weeks with different kinds of sustenance from gastronomic to mental. From a liquid diet back to a regular diet we’ve benefited filling our stomachs and souls. Receiving gifts of food allowed me to take a much needed long breath from food planning and prep. Your presence/ presents/ communication have brought smiles.

‘Don’t even want to try to list everybody with the possibility of omitting someone. But what I can say is Natureman was converted back into the bar mitzvah boy as he had the pleasure of taking care of ‘thank you’ notes. It got him off the computer and became part of his day and recuperation.

Some packages remain unopened as we will get to them during Chanuka this week. On the first night of Chanuka, friends arrived with probably the ‘most’ unique gift which we can safely say we are the ‘only’ folks in our ‘hood to have.

A Positive Energy Transformer

You know Natureman’s generally a pretty positive, optimistic guy but the big C has been known to interfere… Fortunately, sculptor friend Hans has a solution for those moments as he invented and designs positive energy transformers in addition to much, much larger pieces of art. This small transformer can be attached to a shirt pocket so Natureman can keep it with him in case of an emergency.

May we all be blessed with all the positive energy we need…

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.

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