The mischievous elves are back to add to our Chanuka fun. It didn’t take Chanuka Harry and Larry to smell the latkes ( potato pancakes) frying to realize they were also running late to greet the first night of the holiday.

After our End of the Rainbow Valley guests Judy and Hans headed back south towards Prairie du Chien and the dishwasher was running, Natureman received a phone call and I dosed off fireside…

It must have been then that Harry and Larry got busy playing with the decorations/ I didn’t notice until I started turning off lights that they had placed the first candle on the felt menorah but I had a feeling more had trespassed.

Knowing the boys didn’t know about our acquisition of the doggie cam since last year, I decided to check the video footage and saw them playing with the felt candles but knew they weren’t done for the evening…

Sure enough they had moved on to the kitchen island where they helped themselves to Judy’s home baked sweets from dinner. They struggled a while with the snap on lid but determined, figured it out. Better them with the chocolate than Balto, our dog.

Yep, those two were BUSTED!

Oh my, I can only imagine the mischigas (craziness) these two will cause this Chanuka week… Stay tuned.


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