Today’s Throw Back Thursday was inspired by last night’s final high school Holiday Concert for our eldest bonus granddaughter Haley.

Haley has always loved music and I am so happy she attended a high school where she was able to nurture that love.

Haley was able to learn about the performing arts as she participated in annual concerts, school musicals and competitions along with being given the opportunity to perform solos. She has received encouragement from her music teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school. Her stage presence is now filled with poise and confidence along with a strong beautiful voice.

I don’t know where the time has flown since she used to played with Zayde’s (Natureman’s) harmonica and squeeze box…

But we hope Haley and all of our grandchildren always find a way to incorporate music into their lives…

3 thoughts on “TBT: LOVE OF MUSIC

  1. My granddaughter took choir all through middle school and high school. Music and the arts is very important in our lives. You have a beautiful and talented granddaughter.


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