December as always is a very chock full month. One of my most favorite events being the morning Jazzercisers’s Holiday Party was held at friend Nancy’s for a second year. Her home was decorated with the perfection of a Southern Living holiday feature spread…

The living room’s picture window of a snow laden back yard lined with evergreens framed the flocked Christmas tree bedecked in white ornaments with the colorful decorated gifts beneath it. Nancy’s beautiful quilting and works of art with touches of silver, gold and pewter arrangements added to the warm winter white room. In stead of a real fire adding more heat, the flat screen tv played a crackling fire.

The winter quiet would soon be disrupted as the 25 guests arrived adding their conversation, dish for the buffet luncheon and gift to exchange. As you know from past postings, we always eat very well. This year I made a new recipe of ‘apple’ latkes with 4 different toppings. (Recipes to come in a future posting.)

After lunch it was time for the gift exchange where each participant receives a number of which order they will choose their gift either from under the tree / stealing another’s. Only 2 steals were permitted this year to some’s chagrin but it’s always a hoot as the stealing begins.

It was then time for our holiday game…

Yours truly alias the Llamakah Rudolph

Last year’s game of matching Jazzercisers with their self supplied adjectives was tougher that expected so I hoped this year’s word association game would prove less frustrating. Participants would have to try to match Rudolph’s answers to the holiday word association. There was one catch, Rudolph the reindeer, was yours truly, the jewish gal from Arkansas, so it might not be so straightforward.

But before we checked the answers I explained that at this holiday time it is important to remember folks are celebrating different holidays and traditions. For the word ” candy’ my association was the word ‘gelt’. An unknown to all in the room. ‘Gelt’ are milk chocolate coins and are always present at Chanuka celebrations and for the word ‘silver’ I wrote down menorah, my family’s candelabra for Chanuka was silver. For Santa, I supplied Kris Kringle as that is what I learned he is called in Germany. ( Were you aware there are 17 major winter holidays?) As the answers were checked, the sighs and laughs abounded. One participant after the word popcorn wrote ‘fart’. Have you ever heard the expression “as dry as a popcorn fart”? There was a roar of laughter.

The game winner…

Well, there was a very happy ending to our 2019 holiday game. Unbeknownst to our participants the big winner would be the one with the least correct answers. And win big she did with one correct answer, she received a beautiful quilt made by our hostess.

I love this holiday season of being with friends and family…

If we could only bottle the spirit for all year ’round…

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