Thanks to our Jazzercise instructor her classes once again were able to help 4 adopted families have a happier holiday season. Her students chose wish gift tags from the class’s Christmas tree.

This year it was much more evident that families needed the basics so instead of video games, bikes, etc… requests were mainly for socks, shoes, linens and yes, even cleaning supplies.

This year I chose a couple tags from all the families and tried to make each of the requests a little more fun. When I came upon a cleaning supply request again I grabbed that tag. Last year Pinterest had inspired me with the pipe cleaner reindeer drink bottles and I had made Santa and his reindeer with the cleaning supplies.

One of this year’s Moms would have two gifts in one as she enjoys embroidery, so if you look closely you’ll see I’ve used embroidery thread to make hair, scarves, ties, fur animals and people. Thanks to neighbor Patrick for sharing some of his google eye supply!

See if you can identify the holiday participants below…

Here’s another view to see their best photogenic side…

I hope this gives the recipient an extra smile this holiday season… It certainly provided me with some art therapy.

How about you? Have you done any creative wrapping? DO share pics. I’ll add them at any time…


  1. Very interesting way to cheer someone up at Christmas time. It is always nice to help someone at Christmas – we do that each year.


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