It’s amazing how much life a 2 year old can add to a normally quiet End of the Rainbow Valley. Ms. H. definitely delivered levity to our Thanksgiving get together.

There were an extra 12 hands and 4 paws to help entertain her when her own weren’t already busy.

Whether it was wooden blocks from her uncles’s younger days/an even older Effanbee baby doll that was mine and then her mother’s and now Ms. H’s , she was as busy as a bee. Flitting here and there spreading her enthusiasm.

The cement floor was a great surface for zooming/ being pushed about on her loaned vehicle. I must admit I did remove the batteries with all the bells and whistles during her next nap. Ssssh , don’t tell!

Our two Amish rockers got extra mileage as Ms. H. would tell whoever was closest to “Sit ” ( and we all had to laugh as it sounded like she added an additional H sound). BUT who could refuse the Boss? Since the adult kids really took care of everything, we actually did have a lot of time to sit, rock and visit with her. She got to choose who would read her night time stories too.

Her lack of naps and time change did catch up with her with a couple of melt downs but on the whole she was a very happy girl. Most evenings she just konked out tired from her busy days. AND it should not come as a surprise to you, so did we!

Her sense of wonder whether it was the excitement using her new snow boots during her first real snowfalls, making a snowman and snow angel will always be special memories.

Natureman and I are really going to miss having her here in the End of the Rainbow Valley breaking that sound of silence…

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