MindLESSness vs MindFULness

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, sometimes one doesn’t want lemonade. Upon suffering PTSD after a rollover car accident my therapist’s modus operandi was teaching me about mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety.

I really didn’t buy 100% into the mindfulness approach but tried to apply it rationalizing my fears by ” being in the moment,” recognizing what I was doing. I don’t know how well it worked for me but it did distract me…

After learning about Natureman’s health and being a bit sleep deprived, one afternoon I had moved myself to the back bedroom to be comfy under bedcovers binge watching a Netflix series about interior decorating in addition to another season of the Great British Baking Show. Natureman came looking for me asking me what I was doing. “Well,” I replied, ” I ‘m practicing mindlessness vs mindfulness.” He rather liked that idea.

It doesn’t mean I care less about what’s happening in the world, I just have chosen to indulge myself at this time to cope with our little world here in the End of the Rainbow Valley doing mindlessness. I also finished Queer Eye in Japan and most recently the 3rd season of The Crown.

I don’t think I’ll be really baking a lot as folks have been really kind restocking our frig / redecorating anytime soon nor becoming a historian re: the British royal family but for right now Mindlessness is working quite well for me. Maybe a book is in the making, just kidding but do remember you heard it here first…

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