Proverbs have always proven to be a problem for me and I’d like to blame other languages’s interference. Sometimes we actually think we know a proverb’s meaning and its usage… Allow me some poetic license here.

Wikipedia explains the proverb of a stitch in time saves nine: that if one solves a problem while it is developing, one will save oneself time and work in the future. It alludes to the art of sewing. So the example of noticing that a hole is developing in a garment and stitching it up when one first notices it, helps prevent a larger hole from developing.

I remember Lyle, the first guy who showed off his appendix scar in elementary school behind the curtain where we hung our coats. If our 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Blankes had known what was going on behind that curtain someone would have been in big trouble.

Today Natureman is getting his staples out just 9 days after the incision was made to remove his kidney, a large tumor mass and his adrenal gland enveloped in another mass. His inner stitches are dissolvable but the outer skin of his incision has been healing with the help of staples, 22 of them to be exact. The scar serves as his badge of courage. If you’re squeamish perhaps you shouldn’t look below but it’s impressive, a real piece of work under his rib cage.

May these stitches on my Natureman save him from a becoming a much larger hole in many’s lives way too soon …

In last week’s FOTO FRIDAY WELCOMED SIGHT he was taking his hospital stroll :


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