It’s nice to be home again and yet different. The usual roar of the fire’s missing replaced with the sound of the furnace clicking on and off with a warmth of the infloor heat beneath our feet.

Natureman has taken my morning place on the couch facing the double sliding doors where he can watch in 2 directions the birds flitting back and forth to the feeders. They are definitely hungry.

It’s now my job to refill the feeders along with the twice/day visit to the coop to both gather eggs, feed and break up the girls’s ice water. I’ve switched to the smaller water container since the goats are over at our neighbors and the chickens and cats drink a lot less water. Blanca and Bebe, the barn cats , are happy to see me as I arrive earlier to feed them and give them extra petting. Their sleek coats are cold to the touch as winter has arrived.

Natureman ‘s appetite isn’t the best but he did put away a bowl of matzo ball soup for lunch. We both napped during the day and just let Nature take its course although those 2 am hospital vital checks seem to have become part of my sleep pattern too.

Friends generously dropped off a smorgasbord of soft foods including finger jello which certainly brings back childhood memories and also those of child rearing days. (FYI we started with the cherry for dinner ) Thank you.

No mail today due to the holiday but welcomed phone calls with family sprinkled the day and we got a good laugh watching the youngest grandchild tickling her Mom and giggling via FaceTime.

I have to admit dozing before the end of the animated Balto movie and we turned off the lights before 8:30…

I think we’ll sleep better having this country air even the forced air kind…


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