So why’s this entry coming in a day late? Well, to tell the truth I was preoccupied trying to get my ducks in order and also writing an entry into Caring Bridge.

If you’re not familiar with Caring Bridge it’s a website to keep others informed about health issues about oneself/ a loved one. It’s been an outlet for many friends over the years and I have understood its importance to both its writers and also me as an interested party. Now I’m on the opposite end and it is my loved one, Natureman, who feels fine but was diagnosed with Renal (that’s kidney ) Cancer as of 3 weeks ago…

After being long overdue for a well check, Natureman had finally went in to see his primary physician. One test led to another as all the organs were checked off as normal. Heart stress test was not an issue but a urine test came back with some microscopic blood cells. More tests were ordered and an ultrasound followed by a cat scan confirmed a mass the size of one’s fist next to his left kidney with growth involving the adrenal glands, all of which will be removed next week. Another cat scan revealed two small nodules (11mm) one in each lung which will be dealt with at a later time.

Cancer can change a peaceful valley into a mountain of hurdles which need to be tackled one by one as it’s Natureman who does all of the ‘real’ labor here in the End of the Rainbow Valley.

Fortunately we have other backup heating sources besides wood because he’s not going to be allowed to split, haul/ pick up any thing more than 10 pounds. A new cart was ordered and one of the kids will assemble it for us so I can keep the back porch filled. It’ll probably be a good stress releaser for me and for the days I can’t get a fire going, the floor heat can take over as well as the furnace.

The goats have been farmed out to a neighbor but we already miss seeing them out in the pasture… I can feed the barn cats and haul water for the chickens. Balto, our dog can be let out by another neighbor…

A lot going of both mental and physical prep going one and also a clarification of why I was so upset about that dang car towing the week we found out about the cancer diagnosis.

Writing has been a good outlet for me over the years so bare with me as I continue to jump around with varied topics as the mood strikes me. Fall, weddings… Who knows I might even throw in some comfort food recipes besides ranting about injustices in our country including our health care system … Stay tuned and if you have some extra positive thoughts/good jokes send them our way.

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