Taco Bell seems to have problems with folks using their parking places all over this country. What am I talking about?

I’m 2089 miles from the last time I was in a Taco Bell parking lot 2 Fridays ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin and this past Friday during a beach walk in Pacifica, California a grey salt box building with a great big deck facing the ocean beckoned me to check it out.

I’m on foot and as I round the corner lo and behold … Look who resides on this property. None other than…

Yep, Taco Bell… They even rent out for weddings.

Now that’s what I call prime estate. And you can well imagine if the surfers beach parking lot next to them is full and Taco Bell is empty, they might think it’d be okay to park in one of those open spaces.

Can you imagine how much money this property must have cost and how much time / effort are spent keeping others from using their parking spaces?

BUT their signs indicate otherwise with RED lettering. You got it, they will be towed. Later in the day when we drove by I spotted a security guard patrolling their empty parking lot. That must cost a pretty penny. You know I really wanted to ask him if he warns people/ just calls in the offenders.

Taco Bell does offer ‘some’ parking for their patrons and their surfboards… I found that pretty humorous…

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