There’s another public service that’s under attack by the present administration and since the trees can’t speak for themselves, we can.

They are literally on the ‘chopping block’ in our National Park system, something that does require a small admittance fee to help defray maintenance. Due to greed this public space is being approved for privatization and destruction.

Last Saturday morning our family’s newlyweds of a month asked us to join them on a hike while in the San Francisco area. The ‘original’ plan was to head to Muir Woods. Being a weekend, we knew the trails would be busy. Luckily before heading out the kids learned that a new park policy existed due to its popularity, parking had become a real issue and one now needs to acquire a parking permit in advance. All parking spaces for that Saturday had been taken even the previous night. I mention this because it shows we, the public, use our public park system.

GPS vs old map reading…

Fortunately California has a lot of other California Public Park trails to enjoy the magnificent Redwoods. We did end up at Purisima Trails where there even was a trail named ‘Redwood Trail.’

We got to enjoy the redwoods magnificence without hiker congestion as there were other trail choices.

I was wrong to say the trees can ‘t talk . They are speaking loud and clear in their magnificence. Help them get the word out our public park system is needed by the public to enjoy Mother Nature and fresh air.

It was wonderful the kids wanted to share the trails with us. It’s what public spaces are meant to do bring us all together enjoying our park system.

Don’t let the moss grow under your feet, contact your representatives to save both our local county, state and national parks.

The trees and public will Thank You!


  1. Great pics!! I would say we should advocate to ensure that all public recreational facilities are available by public transportation. If you can get to a public park without a car and walk in, there will be less need for the National Park Service to spend precious funds on accommodating individual’s cars.


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