I am so proud of my city for embracing and replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day and know its popularity through education will grow from year to year.

We couldn’t have asked for a lovelier crisp fall day to welcome visitors to a day full of activities at Myrick Park from noon until 6 pm.

There was music- drumming, singing. dancers, flag posting, Ho Chunk gift presentations indigenous food samplings. other educational opportunities with presentations of family history, our area, marsh walk tours, games for both children and adults,

artifacts like arrowheads, head dresses and hides,

and traditional garb like headresses and appliqued beaded clothing,

vendors with paintings, jewelry, dream catchers, semi precious stones in addition to some food for sale.

Wagujegikok is a game that resembles the cup game only it is played in teams. A blanket was laid out on the ground like a game board with 4 fabric squares. These were custom made for their owner whose last name contrains the word Deer . Notice the blue applique deer. The squares can be lined up in a row/ strategically moved to confuse the other team. Usually a bone is hidden under one of the squares ( for Monday’s purposes it looked like a lead musket ball ) and the other team had to guess where it was.

The sticks to the side of the blanket are for keeping score and are pushed in with each correct guess. Adults and kids enjoyed it. equally.

It was a day to recognize the real residents of the place we call home!

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