After a morning of harvesting and freezing 15 bags of brussel sprouts a reward was awaiting Natureman and me. Off we jaunted in Red Cherry the Miata on a beautiful fall day to for a 1 1/2 hour road trip a little east of Fountain City, Wisconsin to revisit Kinstone on this its 7th Autumn Open House.

Nothing beats music in the out of doors on a gorgeous day in a beautiful setting where the wind carries the music. We were able to catch the end of the Bus Boys musical performance on the porch of the Education Center

followed by Peter Phippen and Victoria Shoemaker Live in the Great Stone Circle,

Phippen & Shoemaker

ending with James Grant back on the porch.

James Grant

Terrific music by all …

Since this wasn’t our first visit I just let the environs dictate which way to wander/ponder. The little garden beds by the Education Center first beckoned me with its chard’s striking color and the sunshine kissing its produce.

Unusual shaped beehive in foreground

After visiting the goats and bee hives, Natureman decided to wander while I headed to the Stone Circle.

We weren’t alone letting Kinstone’s magic speak to us. Whether for contemplation, an artist’s inspiration, education/

photographer’s paradise…

Kinstone’s a very welcoming place.

where its Stone Circle of 15 megalithic stones are set at least 6 feet down with some rocks towering up to 2o ft over its visitors.

Smaller stones provide seating / props.

Flute notes with drum beats wafted throughout the space… Those not seated, touched the stone/ circled the area barefoot letting the music’s rhythm mark their steps. Some closed their eyes allowing the music to connect to the energies of this spiritual place. These stones were placed purposefully to align the seasonal sunrises/sunsets.

Peter Phippen

We joined the last Kinstone tour with its creator Kristine Beck, owner of this family farmland who enlightened us with stories of 3 of Kinstone’s sites, 3 Witnesses, Stone Circle and the Chapel.

Three Witnesses is a circle maze of dry stacked rocks which was specifically designed for its site. Kristine explained how all the rock was chosen and its story with the female stone architect Thea Alvinwho led a workshop for 10 participants on stacking rock. This type of flat rock originally was unavailable but fortunately a local rock quarry found a shelf to provide the needed truckloads of 1500+ needed rock 3 days before the intended project site workshop.

gravity defying circlar window in 3 Witnesses created in 2014

Flanking Kristine below are 2 slabs (2/3 granite Witnesses) of the same megalithic stone of the inverted wart granite table in front of her.

The sunshine reflects the sky above … see below

Check out that reflection on the polished granite
Natureman soaking it all in…

The second stop (pictured) below was the stone circle where we had listened to the flute and drum music…

The last stop was the cordwood and stained glass chapel.

Check out the Kinstone’s website for a wonderful experience in our own Driftless Stonehenge and its vision.

A former blog entry may also give you more insight…


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