Flying nowadays is just not fun. New baggage rules, complications with connections, arrival/ departure times, gate changes, getting bumped possibility, runway snafus, mechanical difficulties and yes, weather all present a challenge for today’s passengers.

I’m dreading having to take an upcoming flight because the airlines actually changed both days’s departure and arrival times significantly. My choices to then alter the flights were limited since they either incurred spending twice as much time flying with numerous stops/a substantial cost increase. With their imposed changes I lose a half day of my trip on both ends…

I picked the times so that if any delays occurred, there would still be other flights to take. You see there’s a wedding I ‘d like to attend since it happens to be my son’s and there was a reason I bought the tickets in advance including a day earlier arrival.

Today my plan is to call the airline’s customer service. I’ll let you know how that goes… GRRRRR.

BTW it doesn’t matter what airlines you choose.

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