Today is a holiday, it doesn’t always fall on the same date every year because its celebration date is based on the lunar calendar. It feels like I’ve spent a lot of time being the representative of my Jewish brethren explaining my religion just because others know I ‘m Jewish.

The thing is I don’t have have a background in nights of Wednesday bible study like my Baptist friends/ gazillion hours spent in Catechism classes. Yes, I went to Sunday School because that was a day open in our Christian nation and I did attend Hebrew classes after a full day of school twice/week and it wasn’t conversational, it was just to be literate to read the Hebrew side of our prayerbook. I’m not fluent but I know less than most people about the Bible and I’m referring to the 5 books of Moses, what Christians refer to as the Old Testament.

Where I am going with this musing/reflection is that I am not an authority on anything much less an authority on my religion. I don’t represent my religion just because I was born Jewish. Perhaps I should learn more because I want to know more not because of others’s expectations.

This morning and the next I will sit in services with time to reflect on my less than stellar behavior of this past year. The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashonah, is a time of reflection which will culminate a week later in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when we ask forgiveness from others for wrong doing during the year. We spend a lot of time also sitting in services asking G-d for forgiveness. Then, G-d inscribes us in the Book of Life hopefully for another year…

So I realize I don’t need to be a religious scholar to ask your forgiveness so if I have hurt you by my words or actions. Please forgive me…

Happy 5780!

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