The skies had finally cleared and it was a beautiful day to check out the local scenery. It’s been way too long since we’ve taken a Miata ride to the Genoa overlook about a half an hour south of us. Yes, that’s Genoa, Wisconsin not Genoa, (Genova) Italy.

This continuous rainfall has not only been hard on farmland but our county highways have not been left unscathed. Long neglected infrastructure is making its presence known. En route road crews were out attending to fallen hill sides on a couple of county highways. Fortunately a single lane was left open so we could pass all the dump trucks filled with rock.

Most winters the Genoa overlook is closed due to road conditions and newly fallen rock dotted the roadside. New safety cable guards spanning the drive uphill and walking paths have been added since we were last up on the outlook.

One thing that did not change was the scenic Mississippi that awaited us with its majestic views. It’s a relief to not see it murky brown.

One really appreciates a gorgeous day after so many storms…

Fall is not long off… Don’t overlook your overlooks.


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