Anthony Chergosky spent our Community Conversation last Wednesday using statistics to explain that what we are dealing with now in the U.S. is representational democracy. Dr. Chergosky, a UW-L prof originally from Minnesota received his Poli Sci degree from UNC at Chapel Hill.

46% of the population believe voter fraud takes place often. Statistics prove them wrong. The percentage of folks that abuse their vote is miniscule. Out of millions of voters only 30 cases were discovered.

What is a problem is gerrymandering, the redrawing of voter district lines to favor a specific party and conceding less important ones. The 2018 elections were proof. A perfect example is Wisconsin where a 55% majority vote didn’t result in a change of majority of seats. It’s understandable voters could feel their votes don’t count.

The writers of the constitution couldn’t foresee machines one day would be able to determine the concentration of voters in specific districts. Nor that judges would vote with their party’s interest/ the involvement of foreign governments (ie: Russia) in U.S. elections or media social hackers targeting voters based on race, religion, social status and culture. Voter suppression is at work in many states trying to keep the status quo to maintain power with the aide of super pacs financing campaigns.

What this newest faculty member tells his students is the U.S. has a representational democracy where those in power vote their own interests not necessarily those of their constituents…

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