You have heard me talk before about painting plein air ( al fresco) and these past 2 weeks paintbrushes were busy all over the Coulee, and not just with local artists participating in the 2019 Plein Air Between the Bluffs Festival. A contingency of Chinese painters even arrived a week early to participate in the plein air initiative and an exhibition called Walking Together.

Our overseas visitors spent the week getting acquainted with our beautiful scenic Mississippi River and its backwaters, the bluffs and rolling hills and countryside in addition to La Crosse’s favorite spots as they painted at various sites along other artists of all skills.

Friday after the Climate March , one of my former UW-L colleagues walked with me to the Walking Together reception to a crowded Pump House. We arrived as introductions and thank you’s were being made, bilingually of course. It was a great workout for my rusty Chinese!

The Walking Together pieces made by the Chinese artists were all for sale.

Prices ranged from $ 99 see smaller canvases below…

Red dots indicate those SOLD.

to the 100’s and even thousands… for the larger canvases

There was also a separate foyer room filled with work by Gordon Zeng. a local Gundersen Hospital Pathologist. As I heard a patron comment “it’s wonderful his work was given its due recognition.”

I especially liked his work on a fan named The Moon Night over the River in the Spring.

To view the Plein Aire finale one needed to stop by Studio Gallery at 1311 Market which unfortunately I didn’t find out about until I returned home. The artists have now left with their weeks’s work. 😦

Rain had impeded my attendance at the plein air demo the week before in nearby Coon Valley but all was not lost because that was the day I found those much needed zinnias to complete the rehearsal dinner centerpieces. I did take some countryside pics that rainy day which may just end up in a painting/two one of these days. One just never knows as our Coulee region is just that inspirational…

2 thoughts on “BETWEEN THE BLUFFS

  1. Pauls did demo sat. Some of your photos are the subject of his demo. Couldn’t stay very long. Took Eric with and he needed to go. Posted on blog some photos of show at market gallery.


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