People can hoard all sorts of objects and actually do something with their collections. Tom Every alias Dr. Evermor was one such man and his passion was creating scrap metal sculptures. One of his sculptures holds a place in the World Guiness book as the Largest Metal Sculpture and was even featured in a film.

Now 80, Dr. Evermor lives in a nursing home with dementia and his collection needs some tender loving care. Albeit the fact some contractor recently dropped off a pile of brass onto the lawn of the nursing home.

Take a look at some of the amazing creations. I’ll add more soon.

Nighttime visitors and not just the 4 legged kinds have been creating havoc. Sitting water has some mighty feisty mosquitoes themselves when we visited this past weekend 5 miles south of Baraboo on Cty Hwy 12. Dr Everymor’s Scrapmetal Sculpture Garden does have daytime hours.

Rumors had it possibly moving to the Dells. Who knows what their future will hold? With road construction on 12 it is easy to miss. It’s near Delaney’s Surplus Sales sign in North Freedom.

Have a magical time and don’t forget your bug spray.



  1. Very different and unusual works of art. I liked several of them very much. Such a shame to get old and get dementia. Mosquitoes seem to be horrible everywhere this year.


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