The heavens let loose repeatedly early this a.m. indicating a very wet morning for me. Permit me to backtrack a bit to what brings me here…

Last week a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a very long time invited me to join her at a Plein Aire painting demonstration in a small town about 10 miles from the End of the Rainbow Valley.

Foolish me figured no reason to jot down the basic directions to the country locale where the artist would be painting. Parked cars would be an excellent indicator that I had found the spot. The skies were dark and drizzling so when no parked cars were in sight, different thoughts crossed my mind like: perhaps the event had been cancelled/ I had made a wrong turn/it was the time and I was early. A lot of maybes but hey, give a gal a break, it was Monday.

As long as I had driven the distance I might as well enjoy the early changing fall colors, barns ( my favorite architectural structure) and on my return there’d be time for some photography. But after ending up in the next town it was clear, something was amiss. Heading back down to the town where the trip began seemed worth the try. No time to stop though if I wanted to catch some of the class. Alas after double checking my phone notes… Oops the memory had failed me and I had passed that street sign. There again was the huge zinnia bed that had caught my attention early on in the excursion with the desired street after it. Turning down the lane there was a sign reading closed street with no cars in sight. Gimme a break…

Returning home somewhat deflated, there on my calendar was the event not in the Monday space but Wednesday’s, today.

So what in the heck does all this have to do with being wet. Artists will stand out in the rain. It’s not the demonstration, it’s that bed of zinnias. You see, Natureman’s youngest is getting married this weekend and flowers are needed for their park picnic . Zinnias seemed the best choice as they would travel well. Our crop wouldn’t be enough and there were no cut flowers at the Amish Farmers Market Auction on the ridge either, just mums. Oh dear, quite a predicament!

But wait, there was that huge bed of zinnias and it is late in the season perhaps those folks could part with some and I’d be glad to pay for them. Desperation can make one take some chances, the worst thing that could happen would be they’d say “No,” right? With a little sleuth work,after getting their surname and making the call, there was no answer so my name was left on their machine.

At dinnertime the phone rang and it was the long awaited call. Yes, they’d be glad to help me out. Come by in the morning. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. As Mom used to say, you never know unless you ask. It’s going to be wet, but it’s worth it!


  1. I assume that you had connected with my “neighbors” for the flowers. They are really nice (the neighbors and the flowers). Glad it worked out. Tell Simon ‘Congratulations!” from us.


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