One might think that game playing is just for kids but does that mean we can’t act like kids after a certain age? Whenever the Happy Bookers take a road trip someone brings along some games to play. This past week we learned a new card game brought by Monica and we had a blast.

The German card game is called Sechs Nimmt, Six Takes It and it ‘s the type of game that grows on you. We had a really fun time around the kitchen counter learning the rules and laughing with this game which uses a tad of strategy but chance does play into it. Each player receives 10 cards which each have a number from 1 to 104. Each player receives 10 cards and arranges them numerically in their hand. The dealer flips over 5 cards in the center. The game is similar to solitaire in that as at each turn you must try to place a number sequentially. 5 can be placed in sequence but if you are forced to place a 6th you must take all that row. Get it? Sechs Nimmt. Six takes it all.

On the top of each card are any where from 1-5 bull oxen heads. These bull heads will be the points counted against you at the end of the round. The player who first receives 66 points ends the game. We called that person the winner. And the rest of us were losers because we didn’t end it first… Seriously, it’s a very fun game and we played it more than once!

We had no problem adding our own laughter and I don’t think you would either. We’re never too old for games, it’s okay to be big kids every once in a while/more…

Special ‘Thanks’ to Monica for introducing us to this great game!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun – You Big Kids! Ha Ha I often play games with my grown kids and I love it – I think it helps your brain and helps your spirit feel young. And if you win that is the best part.


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