Don’t you just love it when you come across a movie that nobody has told you about and it is really enjoyable? It turns out this movie had oodles of awards and nominations.

Such was our summer sleeper in the End of the Rainbow Valley creeping in right before summer’s end. The name of this NETFLIX find is called The Sapphires, a story about a young talented Australian aboriginal musical group who win a competition to go to perform for the U.S. troops in Viet Nam in 1968 no less…

The writer took some poetic license with this true story but if you like a movie that includes great soul music, you’re in for a treat. Throw in ‘love, friendship and a war.’

I learned more about Australia’s aboriginal population being denied citizenship. Did you know the oldest peoples on the earth were relegated to Aboriginal Reserves and church missions? Their children were kidnapped to be raised with “white ways” as late as the 1970’s. Rabbit Proof Fence (’02) is another great movie that tells more of this story. But now Walkabout (’71) and Kon Tiki (’12) will also be on our to see movie list.

If you ‘ve seen some good flicks, do tell. Who wants to waste time on mediocre flicks, right?

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