This week’s FOTO FRIDAY does have to do with food but perhaps not in the way you’re thinking… As you know we rescued Balto, our 85 pound husky shepherd late spring and we are still all adjusting. That being said behavior issues are continually being dealt with and as our newest member becomes more comfortable in his new abode, he has been taking liberties.

We have even invested in a baby cam to check in on him. Last night as we sat at a concert in the park without him a peek in at the End of the Rainbow Valley found him snuggled in, sound asleep on the leather sofa. One of the sofa’s pillows was on the floor. Natureman doesn’t like those extra pillows either. Balto’s not supposed to be on furniture but I wasn’t going to yell at him to get off the couch and scare him from a sound sleep.

Returning home another scene was awaiting us. Apparently Balto needed a snack when he had awakened and the raw hide bone I had left for him was not what he had in mind for an evening snack…

There on the floor were the remains of the Pup Peroni bag to which he had helped himself. The bag had been housed on the back of the kitchen countertops. Apparently humans aren’t the only ones to have difficulties opening those sealed bags, paws also have an issue…

Do you have any pet mischief photos to share? Send them my way.

Last week’s FOTO was

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