The Happy Bookers, my book club add to my social life in more than just books. Two of our members have husbands who have taken their guitars and voices on the road. It was time to go hear Susie’s Sal playing in a vineyard close by. To make it even more special it was Susie’s birthday.

Sal and Dean (photo credit to Connie)

So over the hill and through the dale towards Viroqua’s Vernon Vineyards we went a couple Sundays ago to hear the duo of Sal and Dean .

It was one of those drop dead gorgeous days in the coulee region.

Connie & Susie

It was no surprise Susie’s long time friends Connie, another Happy Booker, and husband Doug would also be there to help Susie celebrate-

The surprised birthday girl & Georgia

BUT Georgia and Pat, now Madison residents, had driven in to surprise the birthday girl. (Georgia and I knew each other from Jazzercise and teaching Spanish too.)

How fun it that?

Visiting on Vernon Vineyards deck…

We toasted the birthday girl, visited while listening to good music with some birthday dedications, and even ‘cut the rug.’

Pat, Susie and Georgia cutting loose

An extra birthday bonus was Vernon Vineyards had just gotten a hay ride cart and we would be the first to tour through the vineyards with the owner no less.

We heard all about the vineyards and the challenges involved in planning, planting and harvesting.

We learned about the different frontenac grapes in addition to future plans of adding on to the Pedretti wedding barn venue with lodging.

The owner also shared his future vision of building a new home overlooking a different part of the vineyards.

It was a terrific Sunday afternoon helping Susie celebrate her birthday. Some days one just has to stop and smell the grapes whether it’s your birthday or not…

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