Weathermen promised a gorgeous Sunday for the 44th Great River Folk Fest and although the clouds rolled in, only a couple sprinkles dampened the fest grounds. Add to that cooler temps and we consider ourselves blessed. Good music, good art, good food and good people.

Unfortunately, we were only able to attend the last day of the festival. Attendees were able to feast on all of the arts each day of the weekend as Friday night there was an open mic followed by Andy Hughes and the Mighty Few and The Cactus Blossoms. Saturday featured Heatbox with the Great River Folk Band and the night’s concert included Eddie Allen, The Vogts Sisters, Emily Early, Charlie Parr and Old Salt Union. Sunday am was filled with yoga, songwriters session and the The Seeger Sessions. Kids had their very own tent to make crafts and hear music at the same time. A definite win win for the kiddos.

On Sunday afternoon Natureman partook in the sing-a-long while I finished my food booth shift. Afterwards we both were treated to hearing some travel themed music of Merry Weathers, Greg Gilbertson, Blaine Howard and one of the Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers.

Merry Weathers
Joe Hart of the Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers
(missed Nikki Grossman on Sunday)

Russ Parrish, 2019 Songwriter winner of the year

The 2019 song writer winner for the Fest was Minnesotan Russ Parrish who opened this year’s closing program for John Smith & Friends. What a charismatic talented young musician!

John Smith and Friends did justice to closing off the weekend with personal old and new songs, one of my all time favorites, Kicking this Stone and a new favorite Family Artifacts along with his daughter Elisi (vocals), long time friend Dan Sebranek (lead guitarist) and Larry Dalton (bass).

John Smith and Friends
l to r Larry Dalton ( Under Paris Skies, String Ties), John Smith, Elisi Smith-Waller (Crooked Willow), and Dan Sebranek (String Ties)
David Schipper , Fest Master

Thanks to all the musicians and to all those who work tirelessly bringing our community the Great River Folk Fest and to its ‘Fest Master’ who has taken on this job for 4 years. It definitely takes a village…

Kudos on year # 44!


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