Our blender is working overtime and it’s not for tropical drinks today. It’s August and that’s tomato time. The only problem is we had a tomato crop failure here in the End of the Rainbow Valley. Yep, with all the rain and perhaps plants planted a bit too close, we had blossom rot. For the first time ever we have to go purchase tomatoes. AND we have no clue how much tomatoes even sell for per pound.

Yesterday was the Growers Produce Auction and Natureman spent the day learning about the system, watching buyers calling in orders, checking prices and bidding. He waited for the last batch for our purchase, returning with only 1/2 bushel.

Actually for what we make we don’t need blemish free at $50/ bushel so he also placed an order at a neighboring Amish farm for seconds at much less. Smart move. Those will end up as stewed tomatoes/ a tomato base for our soups: Cabbage/ Vegetable/ Tomato/ End of the Year Garden Soups and Salsas.

Today on his birthday the processing has started with yesterday’s purchase and the blended tomatoes will be cooking down for Spaghetti Sauce.

Every year it tastes different but it is so good with most of the herbs coming from the garden.

Nothing beats fresh basil!

Our home will be smelling like an Italian restaurant for the day Yum, yum.

and pastry baking will resume tomorrow.

One thought on “BLENDER TIME

  1. Yes, Yum. I am sure your kitchen does smell like an Italian restaurant. Don’t turn clothes and dish towels orange-red.
    Tomato juice has stained a lot of things for me. Ha.


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