One’s wheels vary according to owner… Our most recent couchsurfer arrived on his motorcycle which is taking him cross country. He as all of us create memories with our vehicles.

It was a gorgeous weekend weatherwise calling us to take a field trip…

Saturday Red, the Miata, took us to home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, House on the Rock and the American Player Theatre in Spring Green. BUT this past Saturday was all about one of Natureman’s favorite activities, a car show.

Shiny cars all at their best. One specifically grabbed Natureman as he beelined towards it as fast as possible. I knew exactly where he was heading.

It was a Metropolitan, one of Natureman’s favorite past rides. Only his was black and white which he bought used for $175 ( new at $1000) in 1967. We had a lovely chat with its owners from Black River Falls. They have 4 of them because the wife loves them. They are now in the process of restoring a red and white one. I’m sure it will turn out really’ swell’ and be worth a whole lot more (~ $20.000)

Who knows maybe Natureman will look into a Metropolitan for new wheels? His birthday is this week.

All these cars probably could tell a lot of stories, if only they could talk… Beep, beep.

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