What I didn’t mention about my big weeding day the special something I came across…

I was about a half way through weeding the coop garden bed when with a pull of tall grass clump there was something extra besides dirt.

There’s a good reason I don’t go into grassy areas in sandals. I’d rather not feel what ever may/may not be crawling over my feet whether it’d be of the insect species/ something bigger.

So take a look below to see what one particular yank produced-

Yep, I thought about quitting weeding upon this discovery but realized this guy was either long gone / with all my stomping around would have slithered elsewhere. Besides if I left , I would not be back to finish. It’d be a pretty good excuse to stop.

When we were young my brothers would have loved this find and I knew Natureman would love this treasure. It was still soft but has since dried.

One might sometimes need to know what it feels like to be in another’s skin. Personally I’ll stick with the wrinkly one I have right here in the End of the Rainbow Valley.

3 thoughts on “FOTO FRIDAY: ‘SHEDDING

  1. Always wear my big rubber boots and thick gloves when I weed in tall grass. Have several poisonous snakes in Arkansas. Your photo certainly shows something that could scare a person.


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