It finally dawned on me this year that the name given to a certain insect has nothing to do with the month they descend upon an area. This insect is especially attracted to bright lights of which our local convenience store has an abundance. After a recent evening of storms mayflies had obviously descended upon the store and it’s August.

Have you ever seen the side of a building completed covered in Mayflies? It was like a plague hit but just in one spot.

They were everywhere. On the windows, posts, doors and oodles lying dead on the ground …

After a bit of internet research I learned some interesting facts.

Did you know?

-The mayfly’s lifespan is rarely over 24 hours. They have even been referred to as dayflies. They don’t even have a mouth because they won’t live long enough to eat.

-Their life cycle consists of 4 stages: egg, nymph, subimago and imago.

-Species dependent a female mayfly may lay less than 4 dozen or more than 10,000 eggs. Eeegads. That is plague status.

-They mate in flight and lay their eggs and die soon thereafter.

-Dependent on area they hatch mid June – mid August. They can actually hatch any time of the year but do prefer a specific type of habitat.

-To get rid of the mayfly you should remove standing water. Good luck with that with the Mississippi as our neighbor. Garlic works also as a spray.

As for our local target you may wonder what happened?

Well, an employee must have power washed them off between the time I snapped these photos and returned later in the day. Gone, just like that. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “TBT: IT’S AUGUST, NOT MAY

  1. Interesting. We have mayflies here, but not in the quantity you photographed. I enjoyed all the information you posted on these small creatures.


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