Monday Mournings: Corny, I Know

Sunday we had a reprieve from the heat with an overcast sky and time to stay at home. After breakfast both of us knew we should take advantage of the cooler temps so Natureman returned to stacking the dwindling wood pile and I finally began the job I had been avoiding since my return two weeks ago, weeding.

A couple of advantages were in my favor due to the fact it had rained the previous night and the only advantage of letting weeds get too tall is that you don’t have to bend down so low to pull them. Being vertically challenged comes in handy in this case too..Wink, wink. Of course this technique works the best with shallow root growing ones.

I started the arduous weed pulling by the front door and when the large wheel barrow was filled , the gravel path already had begun to look better. This work was more cosmetic than the more important areas, the flower gardens. Deciding to not spend the entire day removing weeds on the path, I moved on to a more beneficial area the flower garden by the chicken coop. The zinnia colors were amazing but as I would find out holding them erect were those weeds. The unwanted grass was as tall as me. Additional help didn’t need to be called in as the goats in the pasture about 15 feet away would be thrilled to help with garbage disposal.

They feasted during breaks when the removed weeds were piled up and tossed over their fence. Their bleeting for more kept me working longer. Break time arrived none to soon. Hooray for lunchtime! Off with the damp work clothes, a quick shower and lunch.

Both Natureman and I knew we’d never make our late afternoon music plans across town so we opted to take a break for a Miata ride to nearby Branches Winery outside Westby to sit a bit and enjoy the Ultrasonic Duo. The cloud coverage made for a pleasant respite.

Refreshed after a set and a half of good tunes and something to wet our whistles, we headed back to the End of the Rainbow Valley. A good couple of hours remained to finish up the coop bed weeding before dinner. Anticipation of a garden salad and corn (at its peak) was incentive enough. It does look a lot better…

It was so weedy you couldn’t even see the buggy before…

As corny as it sounds, there’s nothing better than freshly picked corn from the garden… Yum with squeezed lime, chile pepper and queso fresco.

One thought on “Monday Mournings: Corny, I Know

  1. Weeding is something I always seem to leave out of my daily schedule – then finally I have to give up and begin the task of finding my flowers and garden. I always feel good when I finish. Nice job of weeding your flower garden. It is nice to reward yourself after working so hard. Ha – Weeds are easier to pull when they are taller.


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