Natureman and I love having company but some company is more welcomed than others. Such was the case earlier this week. When I spotted our guest I was taken aback and immediately called on Natureman to hightail it to my side to see who was visiting.

In the middle of the hallway this is at whom we were staring. I should mention I do have relatives with the surname Wulff but this guy was not a relative.

Now I grew up in the South and I have seen a tarantula but in all my days in the End of the Rainbow Valley I have never seen a Wolf spider this big and neither had Natureman. I’ve since learned they can be larger. That fact would not have comforted me nor was I’m interested in letting him grow any bigger in the house. Natureman was given 2 choices: to either remove the unwanted guest in less than 2 minutes / I would take care of him my way.

Natureman promptly returned with a jar and lid. He inverted the jar over Mr. Wolf and I suggested a piece of paper to slide underneath to not injure our guest. You don’t think I wanted him taking residence elsewhere in the house, do you?

He was escorted out onto the front porch where Natureman released him.

I did grab my camera on the way out and was standing on a porch chair to take the photo. I couldn’t remember which spider it was that jumps but I wasn’t taking any chances… (Wolf spiders do pounce on their prey.) I kept an eye on him while Natureman was kind enough to get the tape measure so we’d have an idea how big Mr. Wolf was. 3 inches too long in my book.

No offense Mr. Wolf all I can say is I’m glad the hall light was on and that you now have new living conditions outside in the End of the Rainbow Valley.

For last week’s FOTO FRIDAY take a look at Home Country:


  1. Have had many of these spiders inside and outside my house. They do get quite large. Spiders do not bother me and I relocate them often. Glad Natureman came to your rescue.


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