Nowadays with all the mishegas (craziness) going on in the world one has to take a day off every once in a while and do something fun and talk about something totally unrelated…

A recent nice evening comes to mind during my Atlanta visit when I joined my daughter’s annual social book group gathering when the upcoming year is discussed with possible new reads.

My daughter had added a bright pink lei, not one of her usual accessories to her outfit as the evening’s theme was Hawaiian. I remembered a green lei in my granddaughter’s play kitchen and grabbed it for myself on the way out. (Don’t we all keep our leis in the kitchen? )

Hawaiian themed pillows greeted us on the hostess’s front porch as a sign that our hostess Amanda had worked on the evening’s theme. And, sure enough, the table was bedecked in Tiki glasses, some traditional in addition a Star Wars’s set with palm fronds, leaf plate chargers, and a centerpiece with bananas, pineapple, coconut and a lei . This was a gal after my own heart!

Hawaiian themed table

Amanda told us to pick a Tiki glass and offered us beverages which included the specials of the evening- Mai Tais / Pain Killers both rum based/ Hawaiian beer/ other beverages with umbrellas, of course!

It turns out Amanda had acquired and invested in quite an assortment of rum and mixers in order to make some rum recipes she wanted to try this summer and this investment turned into that domino effect…

How can you highlight your rum drinks without a Tiki Bar , right?

And a special ice machine needed to make those drinks with an enthusiastic hostess.

Our hostess with the mostess…

One has to appreciate these investments as they will become new fixtures in this household. The hostess was already included.

The menu, of course, continued the theme… listed in her hostess book:

Everything was delish. It was a great way to spend time with my daughter and her friends… We did squeeze in talking about favorite reads and picking future book club dates.

Here’s to evenings away from the world’s mishegas as the craziness will still be there tomorrow.

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