I was a bit surprised I had to use so much energy to get Natureman to sit down with me to watch a recent NETFLIX release called The Red Sea Diving Resort, a movie inspired by real events about smuggling Ethiopian Jews during civil war years to Israel using an abandoned Sudanese sea side resort run by Israeli Mossad agents.

Their history is fascinating. I remember a news clip of an airlift in the 80’s and watching a successful landing as many kissed the tarmac upon deboarding. These descendants are known as the lost tribe of Israel and had been in Africa dating back some 1500 years.

The white man is portrayed in the movie as these people’s sole savior whereas actually the Ethiopians were really instrumental in helping the 10’s of thousands Ethiopian Jews escape. Yes the Israeli Navy and Air Force did help smuggle these people. Today the Israeli Ethiopian population numbers about 150,000.

The movie is timely as it reminds us as a nation about the plight of refugees during famine, civil unrest, etc… Currently there are 65 million displaced refugees in the world. The movie’s script touted the Red Sea Resort as something higher. These words seared in my mind ” When you see your brother or sister suffering, you must not stay silent. Do not stay still. You must go to their aid.” Yes, we must.

  • BTW Natureman decided it was definitely worth watching The Red Sea Diving Resort albeit not a 4 star but important for its message.

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