Sunday morning we stood at a headstone unveiling of a friend taken by cancer but later this week many more families and friends will be in cemeteries where it was a different disease that took their loved ones too soon. A country with a love affair with guns.

It’s been said there’s an endless epidemic in our country. An epidemic of mass shootings with high power automatic weapons.

Here’s a map of mass shootings since Sandy Hook.

Doctors are now talking about preventive medicine to identify shooters before they shoot and lives are taken. Lost funding is responsible for the lost research time along with 10’s of thousands of lives.

Hatred is a disease? So, why now this epidemic outbreak?

As we drove through our small town of 302 today there standing on Main Street on a 90 degree day was a gentleman with a placard regarding the banning of semi automatic rifles.

We each gave him a big thumbs up. Upon our return almost 3 hours later he was still standing in the same spot. Natureman pulled over to speak with him. This gentleman had recently moved from an even smaller town to ours to be closer to the hospital for an operation and follow up visits and therapy. In spite of his health, this man wanted others to know he wants change regarding gun control.

We wanted him to know he is not alone. This is not acceptable as the new normal. We must join others to combine our voices. This vitriol hatred cannot be tolerated and enabled. The cure of hatred will need everyone’s assistance to minimize the loss of more lives.

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